I hate when people say money doesn’t buy you happiness. it does. it buys you financial stability, a nice house, nice cars, nice vacations and trips, healthier food, a better education, etc. like wearing burberry while driving around in an audi would probably make me pretty happy too. but it’s just that rich people often take their comfortable lives for granted and end up being spoiled and ungrateful for what they have 

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have no regrets

except all those facebook pages you liked back in 2009, regret those

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Sansa Appreciation: [Day 2] Fav Traits → Intelligence and Courage to play the game.
∟ Everyone wants something, Alayne. And when you know what a man wants you know who he is, and how to move him.

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chill | » a mix for anxiety, stress, or just because

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We’re like the factionless now, we’ve left everything behind. But we found ourselves, and each other. Tomorrow we may have to fight again, but for now we’ll ride the train to the end of the line.

                   and then… we’ll jump.


real talk does anyone ever just take a moment to appreciate the flawless combination that is cheese and tomatoes

cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


c h e e s e  a n d  t o m a t o e s


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i hope our generation will figure out a way to put gifs on toombstones

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❝We fight, we dare, we end our hunger for justice❞

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